Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Cat

My husband is obsessed with grumpy cat. I am terrified he will bring a tard look alike into our family. We already have a cat. An athentic grumpy cat. Grumpy may be to light of a word.

1. Devil Cat 
2. Son of Sam 
3. bitchy cat 
4. ? (I am unhappy with all of these choices and am actual concerned that you the reader {I am also concerned there will never be a reader} will find them hoohum) 

 I am aware hoohum is not spelled this way and I am not positive it is an actual a word. This does not concern me in any way. 

 Proof our cat is in fact a devil ca

1. He wakes us up at 5am screaming to inform us it is still too cold for him to go outside just yet. Its Ohio - no one should ever go outside. EVER. 
 2. He can not be bothered to kill small animals instead he captures them and brings them to us alive. Once they are set free, usually in our living room, he saunters off and lets us deal with the vermin.
 3. He wakes up our toddler boys - just to let us know he needs attention (Im sure most of you think we are bad parents now) 

I'm sure most of you think I am a terrible pet owner for snapping a picture of my cat attached to my blinds rather than freeing the poor thing. You would be right. This picture was taken at least 4 years ago at my apartment - I have no idea why I have four pictures of this on my computer but I have a slight recollection that this was a recurring thing. We were charged for the blinds when we moved - devil cat.